Investment, Sales & Leasing

C.W. Walker & Associates, INC represents our clients in the acquisition, disposition, and leasing of commercial, industrial and investment properties. Our approach is structured for each individual case based on particular circumstances of the client. Market knowledge and financial analysis skill, combined with experience in marketing and negotiations make C.W. Walker & Associates, INC a logical choice for your business real estate needs.

Market knowledge for C.W. Walker & Associates, INC means more than just knowing what’s for sale or lease. We pride ourselves on an in-depth understanding of how markets work and apply that knowledge to the client’s individual needs. Real estate markets are affected by many forces. Our information is based on population, employment, financial markets, land use, taxation, and many other related topics and is constantly being updated along with current rent and vacancy rates, new construction, and sales data.

Financial analysis is valuable in determining which of many alternatives is best for the client. C.W. Walker & Associates, INC uses different levels of analysis depending on what is needed or requested. Our approach can vary from sophisticated Internal Rate of Return analysis to simple Capitalization Rate comparisons.

Marketing property either for sale or lease puts to good use our experience in the local market. We develop a marketing strategy for each property that fits the property and the current market conditions. Accuracy in determining true market value, knowing the alternative uses, and aggressively taking the property to the public has made C.W. Walker & Associates, INC a proven leader in marketing in this area.Once the buyer and seller come together, negotiations that result in a closed sale is our primary objective. Decades of improving our skills at C.W. Walker & Associates, INC, gives us the experience needed to bring about favorable results for those we represent.


C.W. Walker & Associates, INC views consulting as the process of communicating options and opportunities which are involved in the broad field of real estate. Government agencies, corporations, and individuals have questions about the nature of real estate markets and how they affect the interests of those concerned. Land use, regulatory compliance, transportation, population, economics, financing and taxation, along with scores of other influences, impact the decision-making process. C.W. Walker & Associates, INC bring clarity to the chaos, relying on decades of experience as well as continuing research to assist our consulting clients.

  • Property Evaluation

    •   Market/Trade Area
    •   Alternative Uses
    •   Value
    •   Development Potential 

  • Hold/Sell Analysis

    •   Alternative Investment Options
    •   Cost of Funds

  • Lease/Purchase Analysis

    •   Long Term Expansion Needs
    •   Economic Comparison

  • Wetlands Development

    •   Evaluate Opportunities
    •   Cost Analysis
    •   Coordinate with Wetland Scientists